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CardinalStone subsidiary, CSAdvance rebrands

CardinalStone Partners Limited

CSAdvance, a subsidiary of CardinalStone Partners Limited, has been rebranded CardinalStone Finance.

In a statement announcing the rebranding on Thursday, the company said that the move signalled its unwavering commitment to delivering enhanced financial solutions.

Commenting, the Chief Executive Officer of CardinalStone Finance, Ayoola Adeola, said, “Our new name, CardinalStone Finance, represents an exciting milestone for the company. It serves as a testament to our commitment to empowering customers with financial flexibility, tap new opportunities, as well as unlock growth. We are enjoying a phase of sustained growth and with our new name; we believe this will accelerate our ambition to achieve market leadership in the near term.”

The Group Managing Director of CardinalStone Partners Limited, Michael Nzewi, said, “The new name allows CardinalStone Finance to become a recognisable subsidiary of the CardinalStone brand, enhancing brand visibility and synergy while reinforcing our shared purpose as a group. Embracing this unified name enables better collaboration, bolsters the potential for cross-selling opportunities, expertise, and brand equity, and ultimately paves the way for collective achievements benefiting all our clients.”

CardinalStone Finance whose services include short-term investments, Personal Finance, Asset Finance, Term Loans, Invoice Discounting, Project Finance, and LPO Finance, stated that it has embraced the use of technology to track and manage loans and investments while ensuring efficient processes and optimal customer satisfaction.

CardinalStone Finance is the financing subsidiary of CardinalStone Partners Limited, an investment banking firm and financial services company. Its financing solutions are targeted at Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and high net worth individuals.

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