Wòli láti Gambia gbé owó, ẹ̀rọ ìbànisọ̀rọ̀ àwọn ọmọlẹ́yìn rẹ̀ sá lọ lẹ́yìn ìsọjí n’Íbàdàn.

A lọ sí àgbègbè Apọ́nrin, Agbowó, ìlú Ìbàdàn, níbi tí oníwàásù Owen Abraham ti ṣe ìsọjí ọlọ́jọ́ márùn-ún, tó sì kó ọ̀pọ̀lọpọ̀ ẹ̀rọ Ìbànisọ̀rọ̀ àwọn ọmọlẹ́yìn rẹ̀ lọ lẹ́yìn àwọn ìlérí asán tó ṣe fún wọn. A bá díẹ̀ nínú àwọn ọmọlẹ́yìn rẹ̀ ọ̀hún sọ̀rọ̀, wọ́n sì sọ bí ìṣẹ̀lẹ̀ ọ̀hún ṣe ṣẹlẹ̀ gan-an. All […]

Did you know Albert Einstein’s brain was stolen after he died?

Did you know that the brain of Albert Einstein, the Nobel prize-winning physicist who gave the world the theory of relativity and the law of the photoelectric effect, was stolen after he died? Before he died on the 18th of April 1955 of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, Einstein had given specific instructions regarding his remains. […]

Did you know there is a Museum dedicated to failure? – Punch Newspapers

Do you know that there is a place where failed innovations are kept? There is a museum of failure where objects that did nothing to advance humanity are kept. The museum which is located in Helsingborg, Sweden is the innovation of clinical psychologist Dr. Samuel West who stated that he was focused on helping organisations […]

Meet skitmaker who left Russia for Nigeria, in search of happiness

Ekaterina Shabanova is a Russian Skit Maker who is based in Nigeria. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Economics. The skit maker narrated how she came to Lagos and how being a taxi driver in Russia made it easy for her to blend in. She also shared her challenges and how fast she […]