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Companies partner Hitachi on data storage


Mitsumi Distribution and Dataflex Nigeria Limited have introduced new data storage capabilities from a leading manufacturer, Hitachi into Nigeria.

A statement said the firms showcased its capability around artificial intelligence, monitoring and the ability to provide one single dash board and integrating across its environment.

Experts who spoke at a convergence event in Lagos said the new technology provided optimal object storage performance for modern cloud-native workloads, with ease of use, efficiency, and massive scalability.

Speaking, Executive Director, Dataflex Nigeria Ltd, Martins Ndigwe, said, “Customers’ needs have evolved beyond just achieving IT centric goals. They are looking for business outcomes, such as data intelligence, improving productivity, and time to market.

“How data is managed for competitive differentiation, compliance purposes, and timely and reliable data access can be the difference between success and failure.”

He said organisations and businesses must continue to evolve and embrace changes in technology in order to remain relevant affirming that technological disruptions will shut down firms that couldn’t catch up.

System Engineer with Mitsumi Distribution, Mr Niyi Oluwole, said, “What has been in market in the traditional storage space, people have been buying storages, they have been using storages, the same time they are having problem with those storages. What can be done to address these perceive challenges.

“We want people to be able to take hold of the data that are generated from the environment to their own advantage. People have different types of document from the environment, they have different types of data that are being generated and these data are not being properly managed for them.

“Some of the data that are being generated they don’t even know where they are, they don’t know who has created the data and they also don’t know who should even have access   to that type of data for them to be able have governance around their data and be able to meet regulation requirements in the environment.”

The Executive Director, Dataflex, Martins Ndigwe, said, “there was a lot of disruption and once you cannot innovate you, and if you cannot disrupt you also die, it means you have to continue to be on that fast changing lane all the time because the way technology moves, it moves faster than us especially now that you have artificial intelligence, robotic, simulations put in such a way that they can almost emulate the way human thinks and even be able to carry out some human function.”

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