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Firm kicks over alleged maltreatment of e-hailing drivers


The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of E.F. Network Limited, Mr. Gideon Egbuchulam, has kicked against the alleged maltreatment of e-hailing drivers by foreign companies in Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists on Friday, Egbuchulam noted that foreign companies charge Nigerian drivers high fees and hardly attend to their complaints and needs.

He said, “Frankly speaking, I was touched when I saw Nigerian taxi drivers lamenting on how some of the foreign e-hailing companies were treating them as if they are insignificant or that they were doing Nigerians favour, when it was the other way round.

“These foreign operators were so ridiculous that they even stopped Nigerians from using their apps if they complained, we were told.   I saw drivers in Abuja protesting and in a few other cities.  To add salt to injury, we were told that these foreign companies were collecting more than the Nigerian drivers and giving them nothing, and not even making sure that the drivers and their cars were safe.  I decided to do something about it by reducing Nigerian drivers’ sufferings and losses.”

He added that many of the foreign companies had failed to acknowledge the economic situation of the country, which is not friendly to many drivers.

Egbuchulam said, “Imagine a situation where we have fuel scarcity and some of the drivers stay in queues sometimes overnight to buy fuels for their cars, repair their cars, and in some cases may have less than 3 passengers in day.

“So, when you deduct the costs of fuels and repairs, most drivers hardly go home with 30% in a day, these foreigners were making more than Nigerian drivers per day.’

He stressed the need for Nigerians to enter the e-hailing sector to ensure proper treatment of drivers while applauding the Federal government for granting the e-hailing drivers the Union license so that they can negotiate their future.

The chairman further said that his company is introducing an e-hailing platform called GAB Taxi to address the issues in the sector.

He noted that the new e-hailing service would be launched on Monday (May 15) in Abuja, with plans to spread nationwide.

According to the chairman, the company will focus on ensuring good welfare for its staff and its drivers, which includes providing free accommodation for its staff and having an office space that would provide customer services to drivers and customers.

He added the company would offer lower rates and different affordable ride services to stand against competitors.

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