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Firm urges property owners to invest in security

Anand Kumar

PPC Limited, an engineering and infrastructure development company, has proffered solutions to help property owners tackle security threats.

The Head of Building and Services Engineering Division, PPC Limited, Anand Kumar, highlighted some security investments owners of large-scale residential estates and office buildings need to make to protect their properties and residents from all forms of insecurity.

Kumar said it was important to take deliberate action to protect businesses, homes, possessions, and people who visit apartments and office buildings in large-scale residential estates, as security personnel alone may not have the capacity to closely track their movement and activities.

“Estate managers should complement the efforts of security personnel with advanced security systems as well as mechanical access devices that will screen and verify the identity of visitors, employees and residents,” he said.

Kumar listed some important high-tech security systems such as all-weather day and night closed-circuit television; camera surveillance; vehicle plate number and facial recognition systems; video door phone systems; intrusion detection; etc. property owners must acquire, adding that these devices should be under one integrated smart command and control centre to guarantee a safe environment.

He explained, “We live in precarious times where the safety of lives and property is not guaranteed. Crimes like kidnapping and theft are rampant and this is worrisome. The need to protect our family and possessions has become more important right now than ever before given the rising insecurities and uncertainties during the election period. However, these crimes can be prevented with an integrated security system.

“Installing CCTV cameras at the entrance gates allows the security personnel to monitor the movement of people and cars all day. Access control systems at main gates and building entry points that enable the registration of guests, collection of data as well as the use of electronic access cards for residents or employees will filter out intruders and keep them away.”

Kumar noted that the practice of providing a generic password by facility managers is not the best method as anyone can have access to it, adding that large-scale apartment and business buildings are encouraged to install outdoor lighting and replace the bad ones promptly.

He advised property developers to adopt newer updated technologies and keep apartment security systems at the front burner as they buy, build, or renovate their buildings.

According to Kumar, putting a robust security system in place will create more value for investors, business partners, property buyers as well as developers.

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