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How to have a stress-free Christmas celebration

Elizabeth Badejo

Everyone looks forward to the Christmas day celebration irrespective of their culture. It is a day many associate with love, joy, and unity however this may not always be the case for some people if certain restrictions are not imposed to safeguard their own peace of mind on a memorable day like Christmas. Sometimes, sentiments can overshadow personal choices making decisions exceedingly difficult to implement especially when families are involved. However, if you and your spouse are both determined to take a stand against the factors that have continued to make Christmas a stressful affair in the past, you will be able to enjoy the stress-free Christmas celebration that everybody deserves in these challenging times.

  Be honest about your feelings

Many families enjoy spending Christmas day together and will usually gather together at a chosen family member’s house where all their merry-making would start and finish. For some, it is a tradition to gather at the house of the eldest child if he/she is capable of hosting the celebration and for others, it is a choice some will deliberately impose on themselves. The cost of hosting your family members this year will certainly go up in line with the current inflation and if it does not make financial sense to you, there is no shame in turning it down this year if you truly cannot afford it. It is better to be honest, and say no than being dishonest and put yourselves under unnecessary stress on a day when you should be joyful.

Do not be too proud to ask for help

If bringing your families together has always been your own idea of Christmas and you are not willing to change it this year, you can always find a way to ease the financial burden and stress by asking other members of the family for support. There are diverse ways to achieve this, option A could be to start your first family Christmas donation which will be used to secure all the foods and drinks on the day. Option B could be to ask every family member to bring a dish on the day while you buy the drinks. There is no shame in asking for support from your own family if you cannot afford to bear the financial burden alone this year.

 Make it low-key and stress-free

Several antecedents are associated with family Christmas parties and not everyone is prepared to sit down and listen to some folks retelling the family history or debating politics in their own time. As a couple, it is important to recognise when you or your spouse is not in the mood to socialise and try and validate your feelings too. Even if your family has insisted on throwing a family Christmas party, do not feel pressured to attend and guilty if you do not attend. If you prefer to stay home for a simple and quiet celebration together, embrace your own choice to have a low-key celebration at home. Christmas morning is a time most people spend preparing their dishes. Why not delegate the task this year to a food vendor who will prepare the food and deliver them to you? Even though it will cost you a little extra, it will be less stressful and convenient too.

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