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Nigerian elections and lying ‘prophets’


The thirty-second video rattled social media in its virality. Author of the clip was a young woman around 18 years of age. The periorbital areas of her eyes were swollen. She must have cried her heart out for hours before putting her voice and image on record in front of a phone camera. Her weakened voice lanceted through the weight of the bottled-up pain and agony. Between sobs and cries, she dug in into a fight with her Immortal and Invisible Maker who is God of Heaven.

“God, you lied to me.  I will never talk to you again. I will not go to church again. You lied to me,” she lamented.

The young woman’s lamentation came as a result of her adored candidate’s defeat in the last presidential election. She was disappointed at our Good God who does not lie or take bribes. Her pastor had assured her in many prayer sessions that her candidate was God’s privileged person in the race. That turned out to be a lie. She was jolted. Did God lie to this young woman? No! God is not a man that would lie! But men who lie in the name of God, did. Representatives of God and ambassadors of The Good News lied to this gullible young girl. They lied to many Nigerians and bruised their emotions. They spoke what God did not speak to them to speak. They claimed that God told them He had anointed a man as ‘Messiah” over Nigeria, but it was a lie. They spoke many things about the election that they falsely branded as God’s final answer. Alas, it was all fabricated in the unholiness of their depraved hearts.

Even after the whole world now knows who the winner is, they are still chanting around town that God told them that He is going to torpedo, and torpedo, and torpedo the election results. Their god, not God of Heaven and earth, is now speaking from both sides of his mouth. The world is waiting for the tornado of the prophesied torpedo. Men who have histories of false prophecies are still prophesying falsity with audacity. And these young minds and some foolish adults believe them for whatever reasons. Woe unto him who says a thing and it comes to pass when God has not spoken it, the Holy Guide says. This young girl, however, has had enough of Brobdingnagian lies from the pulpit. She is already out of church. She has already picked her fight with God who never said one word to the prophets who deceived her and millions of Nigerians. And in this political season, I have stumbled on videos of frustrated young people who believed words from the manipulating mouths of their ‘pastorpreneurs’ who are hungry for cash-freebies from politicians to fuel their private jets.

Let me make this very clear to our readers.  It’s in everybody’s rights to take positions in any and every election. Pastors, like every human being, have their own biases, opinions, and worldviews. They can use their pulpits to lend support to any candidate of their choosing based on belief. They can present their candidates as the Messiah pre-packaged before the foundation of the world. But they have no moral rights to voice their personal opinions and biases and claim it’s the voice of God that fires like thunder without fluff, flub, gaffe, or goof.

In the last week I had thought this through and asked myself and friends around me why some men on the pulpit lie blatantly and horrifyingly?

Our young people who vociferously carry on their shoulders politicians’ agenda and fights are the worst victims of this charade. In a population of about 200 million, they are a little over 80 million. They are the crème de la crème and corps d’elite of the engine that drives a nation. But failures in government caused them to see no hope for tomorrow, nor decipher a glorious future on the horizon. Our young minds are endangered species and an abandoned breed. These preying pastors take advantage of them by prophesying lies to boost the size of their Pentecostal platoon, and swell up their financial empires. In a system where not much works, brainwashing is an easy buy for the hungry and angry. Ravaging poverty and the scourge of hunger in Nigeria make a vast majority of Nigerians susceptible to believing words from men in spiritual authority.

Why do these pastors lie deliberately? A handful of them are brazen bigots who pursue ethnic agendas. They hate candidates who are not from their clans or speak their language. Even if the candidate has stellar pedigrees to lead; they’ll hound him down in vicious demarketing moves as long as he is not one of their own. They linger long on politicians’ payrolls and are de facto  Chief-of -Staff to politicians. We have sighted them joined in the hips with politicians at the veranda of the presidential Villa, and the rendezvous of governors’ mansions.

The Master Messiah was addressing his disciples at a special event recorded in the Good Book. The Master said that If ANYONE should cause a young child to lose faith in Him, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea. In other words, the person does not deserve to live among men, but with beasts in the abyssopelagic zone and caverns of vast oceans. Even if they refuse to consider injuries to the psyche of the nation, I urge pastors to think about the spiritual implications to themselves, family, and ministry before they cook up stories and spew them on the altar of God  causing people to stumble.

Allow me to swing back to the story of the young woman and her present misery as I conclude this treatise. She has vowed not to acknowledge God any longer because pastors who prophesied lies to her confused the innocent mind. I was grieved for this young girl. Her candidate’s defeat must have hurt. When I was 20 years-old, I was trapped in similar shoes of emotional pain when my candidate lost a pivotal election. Men of God prophesied that my candidate was going to be the next president. They made us believe that he dwelled in a space on the moon 250,000 miles from the earth realm and you could see his face at dusk emblazoned on the moon. My candidate was packaged as one of God’s innumerable company of angels who bowed before God daily around the throne of Grace. This angel’s acceptance was all-time high in my region. But he failed to build the requisite relationship with others to win a national election.  When my candidate’s defeat was announced, I cried, wailed, and sobbed. It was just like the story of the young girl.

What about candidates who have been assured by false prophets that they’ll win elections they eventually lost? How will they feel about words from the pastor’s mouth in the future? Men of God people look up to for solutions shouldn’t become annoying parts of the society’s problems. Clerics must understand that politicians look up to them for spiritual leadership and direction. They are willing to submit for guidance running the government with the fear of God. They must not abdicate the laudable roles and assignments for measly pots of porridge. They must speak the mind of God at all times.

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