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They are frustrating to deal with!


I met the young girl and her widowed mother at a diagnostic center in town.

I was referred to the center for some tests due to the growth in my armpit.

I was already done and set to leave the center when my spirit directed me to take a second look at the young girl.

When I did, I beheld an image that may not leave my mind in this life time.

Her left eye had bulged out and was severely sore.

I asked what happened to her and the mum said it started as a minor eye irritation of sorts and when the problem became unbearable, they took her to a spiritual healing centre because she had no money for hospital run.

She had just lost her husband (to a chronic disease) and had five children and no job.

I guess they eventually found some money to make it to the diagnostic centre.

They came from a very remote village!

I collected their contact and account details and promised to keep in touch…although, I had no idea how much I could do for them.

What I did later that day was to post the pictures that I took of the girl and her mother on social media and it generated reactions from friends who reached out to the family via the account number provided.

That same post would later attract the attention of another friend who works with a telecommunication company and it was him that facilitated the major intervention the family received…on the girl’s health.

The girl was promptly moved to a Teaching Hospital and all her medical bills were paid.

The man even went as far as ensuring the girl lacked no provisions.

This bit, he sponsored from his pocket…through me!

In less than two months, the girl’s health improved remarkably and (although, she lost the use of the affected eye), it had shrunk to a normal size and there were no traces of the soreness anymore.

As Christmas approached, the hospital decided to discharge them for the holidays while the mum was instructed by the doctors to bring her back in a couple of weeks.

The woman never did, despite the N200,000 that the telecommunication company paid into her account, for further medical attention on the girl.

Sadly, the young girl did not survive a relapse.

I remembered her because I just came across a video of her on my device.

I was travelling for the Christmas holidays on that day and stopped by the Teaching Hospital to ‘’surprise” her with Christmas clothes for her and her siblings.

Little did I know that I was seeing her for the last time.

It’s an experience that I don’t like remembering but what’s instructive is how I made sense of the whole thing.

The growth in my armpit (although surgically removed) turned out to be nothing to worry about.

I felt it was all a divine plan for me to meet Chinaza…that’s her name.

It’s just very sad how costly POVERTY MENTALITY can be, here.

I have been involved in enough charity interventions to conclude that the Nigerian poor can be VERY frustrating to deal with.

A friend had big plans for Chinaza’s academic future.

Maybe, that is how God has chosen to give rest to the girl, as I believe that what God hasn’t allowed does not happen.

However, the lesson that experience taught me is this…

Don’t be too consumed by your issues/challenges to notice what life could be saying to you through the circumstances around you!

That could be where your clarity, healing, miracle, solution or even purpose lies!

Whenever I remember Chinaza, I am also glad that I wasn’t too consumed by my issues to hold her hand in the brief period that our paths crossed.

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